Get to know Bestmixer a reliable Bitcoin tumbler

Description: Do you want to protect cryptocurrency while sending and receiving it? So there’s a service for you. Today we’ll find out why Bestmixer is a good website to rely on and how to use it.

There are many services which promise users a high level of protection and absolutely anonymous usage. But how to understand whether it’s not a lie and you won’t lose all money? Choose only approved mixers and here we want to understand why Bestmixer is one of them.


Security level is regulated by users

Besides that the mentioned service is SSL Secured, Tor-friendly and has a very strict policy the developers offer even more useful features. One can find them here but we’ll name the most important:
– Three pools to choose with which coins to mix;
– An ability to set transfer delay time;
– All addresses and details about mixing are deleted in 24 hours.

More things for users’ protection

A great moment about Bestmixer is that everyone gets a special letter of guarantee which means you won’t get the same coins back. Also, every action is confirmed and all clients receive a paper which proves cryptocurrency transacting. Speaking about website owners who want to set this mixer to the own platform, the documents are detailed so there won’t be problems with adjusting. All in all, a 24/7 service support will help.

So, as we can see by looking at the minority of possibilities of Bestmixer it’s a reliable Bitcoin tumbler. Don’t think for a long and try this service right now. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do by pressing on only one button.