Non-bank long-termLoan – Long-term Loan and a Payday – What to Choose?

Long-term non-banking loan is a great alternative to cash loans. The loan period can be up to 30 months. What conditions must be met to use a long-term loan? You will learn about this and many interesting issues in the following article!

Non-bank long-term loan – how long is the repayment date?

Non-bank long-term loan - how long is the repayment date?

Loans are a valuable offer of banking institutions. However, not everyone can afford it because of the financial situation or the requirements that banks have. It is worth considering the offer of loan companies at this time. They offer, among others long-term non-bank loan – ie a loan for installments over the Internet with a long repayment period.

Loan companies operate on the basis of minimum formalities. Applying for a loan in such a place, we arrange the entire procedure online. It is convenient for busy people and those who do not have a bank account, because money from the Internet loan can also be picked up at the post office.

Non-bank long-term loans are usually taken on:

  • 12 months;
  • 24 months;
  • 30 months;
  • 48 months.

Long-term non-bank loan – terms

Long-term non-bank loan - terms

People who apply for a non-bank loan must remember that each lender has different loan terms. If we do not meet its most important assumptions, we can expect the rejection of our application. One of the requirements of the lender is to have the right age. In non-banking institutions, it varies between 18 and 75 years. Due to its low bottom limit, even students can apply for a loan.

In order to apply for a long-term non-bank loan in installments, we must make sure that the credit risk assessment is positive. All cash transactions made by us have an impact on it. The residence address is also indispensable for applying for a non-bank long-term loan. In the event of our insolvency, there will be sent him prompts.

We also need a PESEL number to apply for a loan. Important for the lender will also be other information contained in our proof. To confirm our solvency, we should also indicate a permanent source of our income. The financial market offers loans without a contract of employment, which is why it is enough to indicate the amount we collectively obtain from various forms of employment. In extreme cases, the lender will contact our employer to confirm the data we provide.

Long-term loan and a payday – what to choose?

Long-term loan and a payday - what to choose?

If we do not have the possibility to apply for a cash loan in a bank, it is worth remembering that loan institutions offer different types of loans. Certainly we will be able to match one of our expectations. One of the products offered online is the installment loan. Applying for it, we can borrow even several thousand zlotys. The upside is that formalities are kept to a minimum. However, we must have a positive credit rating, sometimes a guarantor.

He will have to confirm our solvency when our credit history will not show it. With an installment loan, we can choose a longer loan period. The longer it will be, the lower the installments of our loan. However, it is worth remembering that this is associated with increased costs.

An alternative to long-term non-bank credit is a minute. Applying for it is the same as for an installment loan. However, we must remember that with this loan, we can apply for a smaller amount. The loan period will also be lower. It is up to two months. So if we want to finalize a larger purchase, we should use the installment loan.

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