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Apply for quick loans, urgent loans and quick loans… Who needs this type of credit? Financing needs are changing over the years but there is no doubt that speed has always been important in the credits.

Those who seek to sign a loan almost always the first thing they are looking for are fast loans that are signed in the quickest way possible. In Gabriel Tusca we want to talk about the different quick loans we have on offer as well as their characteristics. If you have in mind to ask for money and you need it for already this article will be of your interest.

Quick loans that you can find in our offer

Quick loans that you can find in our offer

First we will talk about the different credits that you can process through Gabriel Tusca.es We can mention different types of options although all of them are processed quickly.

1. Micro-loans: When we talk about signing urgent loans, it is certain that the microloans must always be in first position.

The positive aspect of this financing is precisely the speed with which they can be signed. Because not only is the processing carried out quickly, is that then the signature is also done instantly. There are many financial options in the market that although the processing is fast then the signature takes longer. And for us as quick loans without paperwork we can only consider those whose signature is done in a short time. The miniprestamos are credits of very small amount and that are signed through Internet without necessity of displacement on the part of the clients.

2. Online loans of up to € 5,000. It is another of the options that you can process through Gabriel Tusca and that can be signed in a short time.

As the first credit is also an online credit with what the firm takes in a short time. Processing is somewhat slower than the first option seen since the amounts that customers can get is higher.

There are immediate loans without endorsement of greater amount

There are immediate loans without endorsement of greater amount

One thing that we are going to see as it is repeated frequently in the financial sector is that the lower the amount processed, the faster the signature will be. When taking online financials a lower risk to be a smaller amount of credit the processing can be carried in lesser time.

3. Telephone loans of up to € 3000 without endorsement in minutes : It is another of the financial alternatives that you can process with us in record time.

The advantage of this financing is that it does not necessarily have to be processed through the internet. In fact the processing of this quick loan is done over the phone.

Telephone loans are usually always quick loans

Telephone loans are usually always quick loans

When the processing can be done through this medium, the answer is practically given in the same call, and then the financial signature can be signed on the same day.

  1. Vehicle loans: Surely it is one of the few loans on guarantees that can be considered as fast.

Because although the mortgage loans are also fast being able to give answer in less than 24 hours later the signature takes more. A private capital mortgage is processed in 24 or 48 hours but then the signature takes up to a week. Consequently from our point of view in Gabriel Tusca can not be considered as a quick loan. On the contrary the commitment of vehicles or car loans if they can be signed on the same day.

So this financing will be within the so-called quick money loans. These four would be the main quick credits that from our company we could transact. If you are looking to sign loans instantly or loans in a maximum of 24 hours these would be the options that we could advise you.

Characteristics of quick loans

Characteristics of quick loans

As we are going to see most of these credits tend to have all very similar characteristics being what we are going to see.

  • They are fast online loans : Most of this financing is processed through the internet.

Even vehicle loans are processed online giving the financial offer without even seeing the vehicle. In the rest of the loans seen the processing is even simpler since in fact everything is automated. When customers enter the financial website and fill out the contact form, they are automatically surveyed.

They are the technological programs of the financiers who study the operation and can do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In microcredit for example, it is something that can be easily seen. Once the client completes the form and sends it in less than 10 minutes, he usually has a reply.

Signing a quick credit is usually done in less than 1 hour

Signing a quick credit is usually done in less than 1 hour

This response is received automatically (as well as the analysis of the operation) which is carried out through computer programs. Consequently and after what is seen here, it is Fintech or online financiers who sign these urgent quick loans.

  • The documentation requested is minimal: For a loan to be quick it is necessary that the documentation requested by the financial company be minimal.

In the mini credits, for example, the financial ones only ask for two documents, DNI and bank card, being also easy to contribute. If instead of those two documents they asked for many other things (work life, payroll, bank statements) the processing would always be slower.

  • The requirements imposed by the financiers are also very small and can be accessed by almost everyone.

Requirements that we can see frequently in quick loans without payroll

Requirements that we can see frequently in quick loans without payroll

In the same way that the characteristics of these loans are usually seen in a generalized manner, the same thing happens with their requirements. Of course, we have to differentiate between loans with collateral and loans without collateral.

In the case of quick loans without endorsement we can point out among the main requirements the following:

  • Whoever asks for the money must have an age between 18 and 70 years of age.
  • It is necessary that you have DNI or NIE in the case of being a foreign person.
  • Whoever asks for the money should not be in Financial Credit Institutions or in any other list of defaulters.
  • You have to have a bank and mobile contact account
  • It is usually necessary to justify demonstrable income.
  • Not be in delinquency lists

If you look at the requirements that we can see in the quick credits online, they are practically the same as we would see in the mini-credits. This is because most of the quick loans that we see in the market are of this type. They tend to be small amounts of online loans, with minimum requirements and with similar repayment terms.

The only problem when processing these urgent loans is Financial Credit Institutions.

The only problem when processing these urgent loans is ASNEF.

It is one of the few that can cause funding to be denied.

As we have said before, these are considered as quick and easy loans.

  • Usually in these quick credits the amounts processed are usually small.

The amount here plays an important role since it is certain that personal loans of medium or high amounts are not managed in the same term. When it comes to recommending these urgent loans, the first thing we need to know is that each type of loan is different.

Not all loans serve the same and therefore when processing them we have to make responsible use of them. There will be loans used to finance small contingencies while others will help solve financing problems. By the way, when recommending these loans we have to say that the financial cost will be between medium and high.

When we talk about signing a quick and easy loan, the financial cost is always higher. It is something that we can always observe giving the same if it is by bank or in private financiers. There will be some people who will compensate them to process these loans despite the higher cost and others not. Our opinion is positive, not only fast loans have minimum requirements but we can also access immediate money.

Financial cost in fast online loans

Financial cost in fast online loans

The only downside of these quick online money credits will always be their cost. Being urgent loans processed in a very short time what the financiers usually do is to put a higher cost of financing.

The interest rates, commissions, in short, the APR in financing is greater than what we would see in bank loans. Anyway, this is something we always see in the sector.

The faster a loan is signed, the higher the TAE will

The faster a loan is signed, the higher the TAE will

It’s not just about the Fintech used to signing loans online, even in banks it happens in the same way. What are the usual fast loans in banks and what are their costs? Credit cards are the main source of quick financing in banks, which also has a higher cost than other loans processed in the same entity but slower.

In order for an online finance company to be able to answer its clients in the shortest possible time, it is necessary that the processing be done in this way. Having to do the procedure as it was done 20 years ago is meaningless in the financial sector.

Having formulas much faster to be able to make the management of the credits it does not make sense to choose that one that is going to suppose a greater loss of time to us. And like we think about Gabriel Tusca, most people think so too. Being able to request a quick loan online allows among other advantages to be more efficient.

Anyway, as we will see below is not the only feature that we can point out in these loans.

Advantages of signing an urgent loan

Advantages of signing an urgent loan

The advantages of the immediate loans are very clear, being mainly two:

  1. They are considered as immediate loans so in a short time we can know if we get money or not. The speed is by far the most important in these credits being the reason why the clients process them.
  2. We can consider them as easy loans since the existing requirements are minimal.

It is something that is always associated with quick credits. In order to be signed in a short time they have to be easy to get and therefore have to have minimum requirements.

We see it in any of the urgent loans that we mentioned earlier.

How to request the urgent loans online that are offered in Spain

How to request the urgent loans online that are offered in Spain

The processing will depend on the credit in question that we want to obtain although almost always they are processed the same. If you want to process one of these loans without paperwork, you will almost certainly have to apply online. Few are the urgent credits that can be processed in person or otherwise.

Not even the commitment of vehicles being a quick loan is usually transacted in person. It is true that in this financing the signature is made in person but not the procedure. This on the other hand is done by Internet because it is the fastest way to be able to give an answer. With entering the web of the financial and fill in your form will be sufficient to make the request.

The procedure thus in the majority of money financiers would be instantly:

  • Access the page of quick loans in question.
  • In the contact form you will have to indicate the amount and term you want.

It will also be necessary to provide the financial company with your economic, financial and personal information.

  • The financial one with this performs the feasibility study
  • Response by the entity whether positive or negative.
  • Transfer of money to the customer’s bank account.

When we have to process these quick money loans

When we have to process these quick money loans

We have to do it as planned, when we need to sign money immediately. If we do not need to sign one of these immediate loans there are always better financing options by cost.

That is why this type of loans are used for urgent liquidity as well as solving small unforeseen expenses.

  • To finance a trip.
  • To finance day-to-day expenses.
  • They are used to make small reforms in the home.
  • They can also be used to refinance debts.
  • Financing of tuition expenses.

In conclusion, when what we need is fast money.

When choosing the best loans instantly from the market, which ones would you choose?

We at Gabriel Tusca if we are clear that immediate credits are the ones we would choose because we would do it based on the financial need of the moment. Because if these quick loans have an advantage is that there are all kinds. Consequently, it may be easy to adapt the financing according to the financial situation we are going through.

To say also that for urgent loans we understand all those financial products that can be signed in a very short time. We can not include here those credits whose processing is fast but then the signature is slow.

And it does not have to be the fault of the financial company or the private equity company that manages the financing. The best example we have in private equity loans through the mortgage firm. Although the financial can give a response within 24 hours about the approval of the loan the signature lasts about a week.

How to adapt the financing in these quick loans

Before signing any credit it is necessary that each client knows how to adapt the financing to their needs. It does not make sense to sign a quick credit that later you will not be able to pay given the inconveniences generated.

If you process the financing for any of the situations that are planned, you do not have to have a problem. What you should not do in any case is to make use of these loans to finance you in the long term. In these circumstances it is not advisable to sign these loans first because the deadlines do not adapt to what you are looking for and secondly because it is usual for you to become over-indebted.

When someone seeks long-term financing, it is common for them to need high amounts. It may happen that when you do not find long-term loans, you decide to sign many quick loans in the short and medium term to reach the desired amount. And this in the end only leads to default. We have to make use of this financing for those situations for which they were created.

Being short-term loans we must use these credits always in that term. If you want to sign a loan in the medium or long term none of these financial options is the ideal one for you. Consequently, we can conclude that they are used when we need quick money, not being able to waste time in paperwork and paperwork of all kinds.

This would be our opinion about when to process the urgent loans. That’s why it’s important to know when you have to process these quick money loans.