Solutions When I Need an Urgent Loan

This article has been created to answer people like you who have ever thought in your life: ” I need a loan ” (to “plug holes” or face immediate payments), for a trip, etc.) even if you thought but I need 6000 euros and that is a lot, and also, if that were not enough, I need it urgently and for which I only find two possibilities:

  • Go to the Bank or Savings Bank for a lifetime and face all the banking bureaucracy that requires you to lend money, no matter how small the amount. 
  • Ask your family or friends, who of course will ask for explanations for what you need that money. (It has never been seen well, to recognize that you are a debtor and you need money urgently)

To me personally neither of the two options convinces me:

The first because the mere fact of thinking of presenting myself to the director of my bank, to request the loan of the money, knowing that they will request all kinds of papers, photocopies of payroll, endorsements, etc. it produces little less than terror.

And the second because having to explain with all kinds of details for what I need the money, why I do not have enough liquidity, or why I have spent my money in one way or another just does not feel like it.

It is common for banks when granting loans, provide the nominal interest rate on a monthly basis, giving the customer the feeling that is charged less than it really is.

Third possibility if you need a Loan or Credit

Third possibility if you need a Loan or Credit

But fortunately there is another possibility that will allow us to get the money that we are so urgent without having to go to the two aforementioned ways, and is to go to one of the many financial companies that in minutes and barely give you the money you need practically Immediately.

In recent years has been born a variant to the traditional bank that are the credit companies that will respond to your need for a credit without demanding in many cases not even a photocopy of a payroll or present a family member or friend who endorses you as This is the case of mobile credit that has specialized in responding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and transferring money within a matter of minutes.

It is true that these financial companies support loans of not very high amount (between 50 and 1,500 euros) but that is more than enough to solve the problem and meet our debts.

The fees or interest are usually a little higher, but I think it compensates for the speed and immediacy with which they give you the loan and for the fact of not having to explain what you are going to use. Much has been said about this topic and many assessments have been made about them. It is noteworthy how good are the opinions of Bankil expressed by those thousands of people who have already requested it.

Processing is done through the Internet, filling a small form with the amount of money you need and the return period and in a few minutes or hours, if they grant you, they make the deposit in your bank account.

Each of these companies has its own conditions, more or less restrictive, there are companies like Cashmo that examine the request of all people who need a loan even those who are registered in delinquent lists as Financial Credit Institutions, if you need 3000 euros and you have the solution on the table even without endorsement.

Using this route, what we obtain is the granting of a loan (which is different from a loan although many economists confuse it)

But really, we do not care as it is denominated financially, because we will have the money that urgently need and that will solve the ballot with the only obligation to return the money within the stipulated period.

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